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A pharmacy is a place where prescription drugs are dispensed. Most pharmacies follow the same process where they purchase the medication, they need from the pharmaceutical manufacturers who manufacture them to be dispensed. This is why when you go to any pharmacy and try to get your prescription filled, its fast, available and reliable. This is such an important component for optimum health for our patients and community.

However, there’s always a case where a specialty prescription needs to be filled that wouldn’t normally be bought through a pharmaceutical manufacturer. This is where MediOne Pharmacy Group strives to excel with the services they provide to communities. MediOne pharmacies are equipped with specialty compounding facilities which aids in the filling of prescriptions that aren’t readily available at any pharmacy.

What is Compounding?


Compounding is a technique developed in the 19th century where pharmacists take the ingredients of a certain prescription(s) and curates them to a form a specialty medication or compound, that best fits a patient’s medical needs.

We strive to provide the best for our patients and in regards to compounding we want to make sure all needs are taken care of. Pain management is one of the many avenues that patients have trouble navigating. To compounding medicine, MediOne pharmacy group is able to help patients deal with pain management and mental health. For instance, topical creams, nasal sprays, capsules supplements and sterile nerve blocks that are compounded to aid any particular patient’s needs. MediOne pharmacy group is able to follow both sterile and non-sterile compounding which allows us to create not only the custom medicine for pain management but much more.

MediOne pharmacy group stands out in compounding as they have been able to work with health care professionals to create a health care regiment that fits a patient’s individual needs. Critical thinking and elements are needed in order to ensure a patient is being treated to the best of the health care professional’s ability without compromising patient safety and care.

Difference Between Sterile and Non-sterile

MediOne Pharmacy Group provides sterile and non-sterile compounding expertise. Sterile compounding is considered a high-risk activity that can be carried out by trained professionals within the pharmaceutical field. Sterile compounding adheres to stringent guidelines that ensures patient safety and medication efficacy is upheld. Sterile compounding at MediOne pharmacy group is taken very seriously and adheres to the highest standards in compounding as outlined by Napra (national association of pharmacy regulatory authorities). Non- sterile compounding is a technique that combines medicinal ingredients, some active some non-active, to create a combination medication that best suits a patient’s individual needs to achieve optimum health. Napra sets out comprehensive measures on how nonsterile compounding is to be conducted and official guidelines that need to be followed to ensure patient safety. MediOne pharmacy group follows all such procedures and protocols to provide the highest quality of care to their patients. MediOne pharmacy group adheres to all of the non-sterile/sterile compounding requirements and protocols laid out by affiliated governing bodies. Napra affiliated pharmacies provide level B and level C non-sterile compounding. Level B pharmacy rooms can provide a majority of your compounding requirements, such as custom dosing and flavoring. Level C non-sterile compounding is hazardous and contains medications for example, from certain bio identical hormones such as progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone. A list of hazardous materials by NIOSH and WHMIS help explain what materials are deemed hazardous that must be used in a level C room.

How do we define a level B and level C room?

Level B rooms are where non-sterile non – hazardous compounding can be conducted. Level C rooms require certain protocols such as being separate from other rooms and having high ventilation with negative pressure. Everything within the room is cleaned to the highest degree including cleaning the hoods with specific cleaning agents in a specific manner. Those who enter the room must wear proper personal protective equipment to ensure zero risk of cross-contamination. Level C rooms must be maintained at optimal temperatures and have a HEPA filtration system to the outside environment. MediOne pharmacy group follows up regularly with regulatory bodies to ensure that they are held one highest standards of patient care.

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